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A B&B Wedding

It's no secret that the majority of our clients are engaged with the intent to marry.  The proposal is only the beginning, some time following the engagement comes the planning, and unless an all-inclusive package for the whole kit and kaboodle is on the horizon, the various elements stare you down and demand attention.  Personally I prefer the a la carte wedding, as it lends to a more personal vibe.  You pick each vendor that best suits your vision, and by spending time with each, you come away feeling you control the outcome.  Furthermore, it extends your options.  In this day and age of re-purpose, reuse, and alternate use it's not uncommon to seek the path less traveled.  

Lions Gate Bed & Breakfast

Take for example one of our last weddings, where the couple chose to visit a bed and breakfast, and ended up booking it for their wedding.  Never before had this establishment hosted a wedding, but it was missing a great opportunity.  Lions Gate BnB in the historic district of Wake Forest, NC is a beautiful place with enough space in the courtyard to entertain a good number of guests.  It made such an impression that soon it became the location for Amy & Tyler's forever declaration.  Spin forward a little, with grounds improvements and some polishing, we arrive at the wedding.  The white arbor trellis along manicured hedge rows, the big white tent, and those around them to fill out the day gave rise to an exceptional affair.

Our part in all of this was to bring the audio, music and MC Services, and that we did.  Without a hitch we rolled from the prelude all the way through to the final selection.. and then the second final selection (oh come on!  just one more!), and I have to say the best man speech was priceless.  Also, hats off to the two sides.  This marriage seemed more than just one person to another, but rather the merging of a family.

When it comes down to it, we do things because of our love and passions.  It's no different for us, I've been DJing for quite some time, and despite slinging 65 pound speakers over my shoulder and literally feeling like I just did a P90x workout by the time it's all done, I'd have it no other way.  

Congratulations Amy & Tyler (was that Gibby?)!  We loved performing at your wedding and wish you guys all the happiness the world can bring.  You both are class acts!

The All-Star Vendor Team:

Catering:  Clyde Cooper's BBQ

Tent Rental:  Capital Event

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