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Great Day For A Wet Wedding

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. If that's the case, this couple should have good luck well into the future. This outdoor wedding; ceremony AND reception, was dampened by several down bursts of flash flood type showers. The ceremony was delayed by 45 minutes to 'get between' shower bands, the guests used towels and umbrellas to stay dry. Undeterred, the couple exchanged vows and it was a thing of beauty. Apparently the weather was unpleased with it's inability to create havoc, so it tried a few more times during the reception, each time clearing the dance floor. Every time this happened the guests had plenty to occupy their time with, one being the photo booth.

The Magic Mirror was in full-swing mode, with a constant line of people wanting to show off their 'stuff'. Click, like, NO, retake - click, like, YES, print, display. Between the animations and the props, it kept everyone happy and entertained.

Once the rain found that it couldn't win this battle it slowly faded away and the party continued. Lots of Meringue, Pop, R&B, and a little Hip-Hop dried the dance floor pavers with warmth from the patrons. At the end they wanted more, trying to negotiate a late start into one more hour but the venue couldn't oblige. The 'sparkler' send off turned into a cell phone flashlight send off once they realized the sparklers were actually some sort of sulfur cannon, but the impromptu waving of flashlights turned into a pretty cool photo op. Even the photographers commented on it's effectiveness.

Into the books this one goes, a successful outdoor wedding that persevered over mother natures persistence to inject a rather wet, humid and hot evening. Congrats to the newlyweds, much luck should be headed your way!

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