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Much More Than Meets the Eye

To many people, being a DJ brings to mind a singularity.  Here's this person that stands behind a table and plays music, how hard can it be... right?  Truth be known, playing the music is one of the easiest parts.  Sure, it's what get the attention when everything is front and center, and it plays a large part of creating a vibe that gets everyone engaged and on the dance floor.  What you normally don't see is what leads up to the event, both as a vendor of choice and as a business owner.  There are many moving parts; consultations with clients, timelines, that perfect playlist, timing and editing of mash ups and custom song tracks to choreography, MC preparation and event lighting, just to name a few.  We do this for every client, every time.

In addition to client specifics, we also have public relations to build and networks to establish.  Just like with any other business, how we present ourselves in public and in turn make that ever so important first impression can be the difference between staying busy or staying home.  

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to be invited to a first ever open house at Warren Estate in Warrenton, NC.  It is a very rustic chic, outdoor setting that is perfect for weddings and we wanted to be a part of this first step forward in welcoming newcomers to come check it out! 

Enter Tu-Can Jamz onto a virgin landscape.  With the help of Warren Estate and Timeless Love Weddings, we rolled up, located our spot, unloaded and laid out what we have to offer, along with a multitude of other professional wedding vendors.  It was a perfect day, sunshine and 60's.

Planners, stylists & make up, caterers, bakers, stationary, fashion, photography & videography, florists, party favors, hand-made soaps, rentals, officiants, wedding painter, spirits and of course sound and lighting were all well represented.

Once the opening bell rang (no bells were harmed in the making of this event, wink wink) and the patrons arrived it was game on.  Lively music, friendly chats as if leaning on a picket fence, and the food and drink was spot on!  We made new friends and connections with newly engaged couples, expanded our vendor network, and helped make Warren Estate a destination many brides and grooms will consider for their big day.

This is what most do not see when it comes to choosing the right business for the job.  The inclination to showcase and put yourself out there everyday.  The work that we go through to prove our dedication to excellence is a pay-it-forward for when we get the chance to actually sit down and talk about our passions with potential clients, and hopefully make an impression.  As a DJ, it's not all about spinning music, it's about understanding needs and turning that into a seamless sequence of events that unfolds like your own personal Cinderella story.

A big shout out to Jacklyn Hamilton with Timeless Love Weddings for snapping the above IG photo, a little publicity never hurts!

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