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Planning and Executing around COVID-19

In all the years around performing at events, I can't recall another time when uncertainty was so prevalent. Rescheduled dates are getting rescheduled again, and at this point even those that are pushing into 2021 have no guarantee. From a business perspective this has wreaked havoc on the wedding industry, but even more so is the economic and mental hardship faced by the couples that were, and possibly still are, hoping to see 2020 etched in time with special meaning. At the time of this writing, North Carolina is still in extended phase II of the Governor's reopening plan, with a reevaluation in the coming days. There are strong feelings on both sides about how to or even if the state should reopen, and every official announcement is met with stark contrasts of opinion depending on who you talk to.

Our role here isn't to take sides, but rather to handle the situation as it is presented and be ready for whatever that might be. We've had plenty of time to think about the 'what ifs', time to consult with other industry professionals, and time to develop a strong game plan. One thing we will not compromise on is the safety of our staff and your guests. Implementing protocols to maintain safe distance and minimize physical and inanimate contact is front and center.

Safety First

Let's face it, anyone that hires a DJ for an event is expecting more than just a few guests. Even with social distancing guidelines implemented, people will be people. We are social creatures, and never getting closer than 6 feet of another is nearly impossible. While we can't patrol your guests, we can contribute best practices from our staff. Masks (client discretionary), hand washing and sanitizing, no-touch on a stand microphones, single-use covers for microphones switched out by the DJ, Touchless Song Requests, and the absence of photo booth props to prevent handling are just a few of the ways we plan to keep contact to a minimum.

Touchless Song Request

I 'touched' on this a moment ago. If you've ever approached the DJ at a live event to request a song or exchange information you know you have to get fairly close since you both are in close proximity to the loudspeakers. In today's world as we know it, that's not a good thing. We designed an online request system in 2019 but it saw very limited use as it wasn't fully capable. The pandemic gave us plenty of incentive to get it working, and with hours of trial & error testing we are now able to roll it out at all events. It's very simple to the end user, just turn on your camera on your cellphone and point it at a provided QR code to visit a site that allows you to submit the song along with additional info.

Let's say you have a special guest and want to surprise them with a song you know is special to them. Send us a song request with additional information that we can use to announce it properly on the microphone and have a little fun with it.

Packages for Elopements and Ceremonies

We expect that things won't likely return to normal for several more months, possibly for a stretch into 2021. Knowing that many couples are wanting to get married but not willing to put their family and friends in jeopardy, we have packages available for ceremony only services. It provides the option to get married now and have the celebration later once it's safe to do so. We'll provide a professional audio system with microphone(s), music, consultations and travel*. If this interests you, a friend or family member, contact us for more information and pricing.

*First 50 miles travel is included, $.50 per mile thereafter.


Having a celebration should be fun, and with a few guidelines and a cooperative guest list it still can be. We take safety seriously, so you can expect that our responsibilities will be attended to with diligence and attention to detail. We look forward to working with each and every one of you and giving 100% along the way.

Alan Dail aka DJ Alan

Tu-Can Jamz Mobile Productions

Raleigh, NC

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