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The Spin - February 2019

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

You have an event coming up, be it a wedding, corporate event, prom, or even a birthday party.  Either you've taken it upon yourself to organize it, have been given the honor to coordinate it, or have been 'chosen' by someone higher up the ladder to make it happen.  Either way, it's up to you to hit a home run.  In the realm of weddings, having vendors that not only excel at their own trade but also network with others can prove to be a valuable asset.  You can always go it alone and select based on online reviews and rate sheets, but what we encourage is to tap into the knowledge of those that walk the walk, and can in turn talk the talk.  Credible wedding vendors will not recommend someone with which they don't have personal experience.  The experience might not necessarily be tangible, it could be personality, reliability, or how they interact with others, and when it comes to your wedding you should want a 'team' versus a group of individuals.  Of the many ways of meeting people and understanding their idiosyncracies, one of my favorites is just a good ole' fashioned meet and greet.  You get to rub elbows and talk the trade with a multitude of industry professionals.  Social media has made it easy to organize such meet ups, and one I really like to give credit to is the Triangle Wedding Connection.

Triangle Wedding Connection - Unity Church

On a monthly basis many of the area wedding professionals gather at different places offered by members, supported by other members with food, drink, entertainment, and a lot of conversation.  This is on a completely voluntary basis with nothing to gain except the possibility meeting new friends and evolving many 'personal experiences' with which to build a solid list of recommendations.  It removes the 'have to' and replaces it with the 'want to'.  

Triangle Wedding Connection - Landmark Hall & Gardens

I cannot state how much this has benefited Tu-Can Jamz.  We are very outgoing (I mean having an introvert DJ/MC is just a bit contradictory wouldn't you say?), we love meeting and working with like minded folks, and getting in with this group has been fun.

Now how does this benefit you?  Let's go back to something, credible wedding vendors will not recommend someone with which they don't have personal experience.  So of the 30-120 attendees of each event, each leaves with information, more insight, and greater ability to give an endorsement.  So rather than "I've worked with them before" it's "yes I know them well, tell Barbara I said Hi".  

Tu-Can Jamz with a club-style premium wedding package at the Triangle Wedding Connection - Market Hall

When we're contacted by a potential client I try to have a very high-level, 10,000 ft. conversation about what they want.  From there, I really try to schedule a face-to-face meet at a local-to-them coffee or sandwich shop to lay it all out, go over the options, and also learn who's on their dream team.  If there are missing pieces I have full confidence in being able to refer constituents that fit.  Other vendors may treat consultations differently, but the value of the time we spend together just having fun and getting to know each other better always lends to the same confidence.  Our goal isn't to just give you OUR best, it's to give you THE best.  If you aren't familiar with the word 'Synergy' you should be.  It's more than a buzz word, it's what you want at your wedding to make it all come together.

syn·er·gy - the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Triangle Wedding Connection - The Cannon Room

So when you are going through a list of vendors to decide who gets the nod, remember that 18-12 months away you're likely to hire a planner and venue first.  Their experience and knowledge should be leveraged, why not? (pssst... you're paying for it!)  Photographers, caterers, and of course MUSIC & entertainment follows closely behind, and THAT is where we are in our element!

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