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The Spin - February 2020

Hello my friends, I've been a bad blogger. The absence of our monthly post is no one's fault but my own. What happened you ask? Well... Life Happens. Anyone that publishes regular articles knows the discipline it demands. Sometimes the placement of priority gets all out of whack and before you know it, it's three months later and you are left scratching your head wondering where the time went. So let's hit the reset button and catch up a bit!

Drop the Mic (or a verse)

A few months ago we were hired by a young couple to bring the energy to their wedding. The Oaks at Salem provided the setting for what was an outstanding outdoor wedding ceremony, and an equally impressive reception, the signature of which was one of our digital monograms cast above the sweetheart table. I loved the way the drapery added depth, allowing the light to penetrate providing back lighting. The night was truly electric, but a blurb I noted during the ceremony led to what became a defining moment. In the vows, the groom mentioned the bride is a huge Missy Elliott fan and a karaoke enthusiast. Once the dance floor opened and loosened up the crowd, I decided to test this statement. Searching.... Missy Elliott. What happened next was nothing short of awesome! Baby scratch the intro and drop it on the one, WORK IT! Not more than 10 seconds later the bride's 'crew' grabbed the mic, handed it to her and a performance of the evening with the bride and her 'posse' took center floor.

If Missy Elliott just happened to be driving by and heard what was going on, I have no doubt she would have crashed the wedding, grabbed a mic and together dropped a few jaws to the floor. It was that awesome! Moments like this are rare, so when it happens spontaneously it really adds 'color' to the reception. This set the tone for the evening, and everyone had a great time!

Stand Out

When it comes to hiring a professional DJ I believe there needs to be distinguishing differences between levels of performance and presentation as pricing elevates. For quite some time I've been contemplating a custom booth that compliments the look and feel of being on the next level, but honestly I couldn't find one that fit my requirements for what a booth should do.

  • Compliment the event using solid surfaces versus a frame with fabric covering.

  • Look as good from behind as it does in front for those events that require the DJ to be in open space.

  • Eliminate the need for separate lighting fixtures to accent the DJ

  • Provide the ability to use a large screen for a monogram or slide show.

  • Conceal as much wiring as possible.

  • Provide storage for bags and cases when venue space is limited or unavailable.

With this in mind, we designed and then built a custom booth. Completely assembled and disassembled without the use of tools, LED edge-lit panels for built-in accent lighting, curtain concealed dual shelves for storage, and an optional 65" LED screen.

This is truly a piece of mobile furniture. When a client wants that extra touch and feel of a clean and professional booth that compliments the DJ and the decor, this is what we can now offer.

The 'Big' Wedding Show

Each year we look at the numbers to see which of our advertising efforts pay off the most. The growing trend is targeted organic ads on social media, but one that we always come back to is the Forever Bridal Winter Wedding Show in January. This is one of four shows annually put on by Forever Bridal, and it's the largest of them all.

Tu-Can Jamz booth at the Forever Bridal Winter Wedding Show

With the new DJ booth, the Magic Mirror photo booth, lighting and accessories we were set up and ready for the thousands expected to attend over the two-day event. Meeting new people, hearing their wedding plans, and just having a lot of fun with everyone led to many leads and a few bookings so far. In addition to potential clients, the friendships and new relationships with the family of wedding vendors proves priceless when seeking and providing referrals to clients. Needless to say that the work put into crafting an inviting and functional display doesn't come easy, matter of fact I don't believe we've ever packed the van with this much 'stuff'.

From the van to complete setup

In Conclusion...

We're still running at speed. Unfortunately staying busy takes time away from putting pen to paper and giving routine updates, but I'm going to try harder. We love those that follow us and enjoy rehashing past events, so keep an eye out for the next episode!

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