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The Spin - January 2019

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

We hope this holiday season finds you in high spirits surrounded by those you love.  Rekindling friendships and acquaintances as you sit beside a roaring fire, sipping on your favorite beverage while reminiscing over the year departing brings 2018 to a close.  Once the young lad, father time prepares to hand over the reigns to his successor in route to a well deserved retirement.  2019 is now poised, busting at the seams to unleash another 365 day journey, sitting on the launch pad like a Saturn rocket.


Where Do We Begin

As an entertainment company, we are looking ahead to all of the celebrations to come in the new year; weddings, proms, birthday parties and the like.  Where there is a need for top-quality talent we position ourselves to fill that need.  Beginning in 2018, we started working the wedding show circuit with Forever Bridal Wedding Shows.  This is the largest and most respected show series in the Raleigh market, and for good reason.  The attention to detail, flexibility, crowd draw, and numerous other factors made it a no-brainer.  Our bookings proved that this is the show to beat.  Now that 2019 is just around the corner and the 'Big One' aka The January Wedding Show is scheduled for the 5th & 6th, you can bet you will find us there!

Tu-Can Jamz won Best New Exhibitor in the January 2018 Wedding Show


Going All In

To sit at or near the top, you have to put forth your best effort.  We maintain a healthy relationship with many of the DJ's, MC's, single-ops, multi-ops, and other entertainment avenues, but we know that in the end we are all competitors.  It's why we all stay current on trends, use professional-level equipment, purchase the chart's latest releases and obtain obscure tracks for that special father-daughter dance.  Hours are spent assembling the perfect timeline and rehearsing the intro to make sure Cinderella makes it to the ball.  This mindset never leaves us, we carry it wherever we go.  I've been called many things, but I'll wear OCD on my sleeve all day.  

Bonnie & Alan in the Tu-Can Jamz booth at the January 2018 show


What 2019 Holds

It's somewhat unusual to have the success we did on our first trade show outing, 2018 was truly a blessing.  Now with experience under our belts, we know what to expect and how to present it.  This year, we added a new facet to our stable by investing in one of the hottest new photo booths on the market, the fully-interactive and animated 'Magic Mirror', and we'll have it with us to amp it up a notch.  Unlike most, we can display photos taken in real-time.  Be it dual LED screens or a huge 10 ft. projection screen, having the photos show up during the event in a rolling slide show creates an element of competition.  Seeing the Miller family get all silly engages the Jones family to up the ante.  Throw a few cocktails in the mix and it really gets interesting.  It's curious to watch the reception gravitate to the booth.  Throw in that we use wireless HDMI technology that allows us to position the screens around the room (hint: the one by the bar is the best!) and thefun level increases.

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth in action. The bride signs her creation onscreen!



This year has been one for refinement and increasing options.  Just about any good DJ can play music, and those with MC skills can get through a reception relatively well.  Where we see growth potential is offering choices.  Our consultations often begin with the question 'what is your vision' so we can size up expectations.  Will it be a laid back, low-keyed, classic style reception with elements of grace and beauty, or will your fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters be bringing the heat to make it an epic party?  In addition, we aren't a one size fits all outlet, and putting an over-sized, over-powered presentation in a small venue is as bad as using an 8" subwoofer to power the low frequencies in a barn sized reception.  Likewise for options, do you want subdued lighting, maybe perimeter uplighting, or do you want in-your-face club style hype?  Haze, fog, snow, bubbles, static or dynamic monograms?  The sky is the limit.  For simplicity we offer a set of packages that cover 80% of all weddings, and from there we a la carte the rest, but having choices can open the door to previously unexplored possibilities.

Simple, clean and elegant, large venue sized for 150 guests.

Indoor club themed event with professional audio for 80 guests, advanced dance floor lighting (basic + trusses with warmers, moving heads, rollers, PARS, UV Cannons, derbys, & lasers) and fog effects (room hazer & pyrotechnic geysers)

As we turn the page from 2018 into 2019, we invite you and any of your friends that have recently become engaged to come on out to the Forever Bridal Wedding Show on January 5th & 6th at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds.  You will not find a better pool of talent in one place.  Venues, caterers, florists, planners, photographers, videographers, calligraphy, bartending, and so much more including your's truly Tu-Can Jamz Mobile Productions:  DJ, MC, Photo Booth, and Event Lighting.

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