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The Spin - July 2018

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

Welcome to our very first newsletter! I admit, we're kinda lagging behind and all that, but we made it! Still learning the ropes, but progress can't wait. Here's a few things we've had the opportunity to be a part of and wanted to share it with our followers.


What's New

An exciting new offering is now available to our clients.  Nearly everyone that wants a photo booth for their wedding asks about 'The Mirror'.  Unlike the traditional curtain and camera set up, this one is interactive, animated, and just a lot of fun!  We call it the 'Magic Mirror Selfie Machine' and it takes striking a pose to another level.  High quality 4x6 prints with display options to show the photos on 50" LED screens or a 10 ft. projection screen in a slideshow during your event.  Contact us to discuss and get a quote for your special day!


A Residential Wedding

We recently performed at a residential wedding, held outdoors under a tent.  Exposed to Mother Nature's sense of humor, we saw a few showers, but as professionals we accounted for the elements and excelled at making the day a very special moment to remember.  Planning sessions with the couple and their parents to cover contingencies for weather, power, and guest accommodations made this possible.  Let us help you do the same and achieve a level of comfort by knowing all of the bases are covered.


A Prom To Remember

Weddings are fantastic, and it's where we excel, but a prom brings an element of youth and raw energy that if you tap into it right, becomes electric!  The Granville Early College High School prom was just that.  A group of gifted kids, a heavy dose of today's hip-hop, pop, merengue, line dances, and a few cuts of country really got this crowd in motion.  Supplying the sound, MC services, and lighting for this small school made for a very genuine evening of dancing, laughter, and socializing.  Congrats to the senior class, and for the rest, Schwarzenegger said it best... We'll be back!


Down On The Farm

A wedding, a goat, and an alpaca walked onto a farm...  sounds like the beginning of a joke, but despite plenty of laughter, it was so much more.  The Chapel Hill Carriage House hosted a recent wedding for a young couple that we had the honors of entertaining.  All the elements of a traditional wedding were present, mixed in with a few non-traditionals.  The venue doubles as an active farm, hence the furry guests pictured with Bonnie and I.  As always we had a great time, the guests danced the night away, and the goat literally ran away with the veil.


Tu-Can Jamz performs at all sized weddings, scalable from a small and intimate gathering to an all-out dance party. Indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both, we can handle the ceremony, social, and reception providing audio, lighting and special effects for each. We also have portable power available for beaches or remote locations. Not shy on the microphone, we like to get bits of information on your guests so we can include them as the reception rolls on, creating lasting memories for everyone.

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