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The Spin - June 2019

Who Ticked Off The Heat Miser?

I've lived in NC all my life, and there's a saying that if you don't like the weather, give it few moments and it will change. Here you can experience all four seasons in a four day period - no lie. April showers definitely fit the bill, but those May flowers are left wondering what the...

When it comes to weddings, 85% of the couples we cater to choose an outside ceremony. Who can argue with greenery and blooms for the perfect backdrop? When mother nature turns up the heat, however, roasted acorns anyone? This month has been unusually hot, even record breaking, yet we've still manged to pull off a few fantastic events.

Size Doesn't Matter

Early in the month we did a relatively small and diverse Latin-Italian wedding at Parizade in Durham, guest count in the 40-50 range. Fantastic couple, very outgoing, and wanting a wedding that was more of a party than a formal dedication. The ceremony was outside in the courtyard with a water feature, and only immediate family joined. Once the ceremony was over, the couple greeted family and friends inside.

Parizade Courtyard

All set up and ready to roll!

Once the music fired up, everyone had a great time! Dancing, games - there were several children attending so we worked with the couple to add a mix of games to keep the kids engaged and happy. Fantastic food (Parizade is known for their cuisine), fellowship, CAKE, and more lent to a very inviting and festive evening. Elvis Crespo, Daddy Yankee, J-lo, even Pitbull filled the room!

Parizade - The Club Room. The kids (and adults) enjoying the balloon stomp

Venue & Catering: Parizade Durham | DJ: Tu-Can Jamz | Planner: Lillian Suarez Events | Photographer: Heidi Bee Photography | Baker: Miel Bon Bons | Florist: Fallon's Flowers | Makeup: Beatiful Brides MUA | Officiant: Last Minute Officiant


Wedding On The Greens

When it comes to 'club' style venues, Brier Creek Country Club is one of my favs. The grounds are kept immaculate, generous greenery, and plenty of options to have nearly any sized wedding. On this day we were privileged to perform at an oriental flavored wedding. I say this because there were many connotations of Chinese influence, yet featured many American influences as well.

Ceremony site overlooking the Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course

The heat factor at the ceremony was... well.. let's say the mercury was looking for a way out of the thermometer. It took a bit of coaxing to move the guests from a shaded area into their seats, but they did and the couple declared their love and intent.

Credit to Photos By Clay

Moving inside for the reception, everyone was able to take a reprieve from the heat, enjoy excellent dishes prepared by the Chef, and partake in 'cutting the rug' as we fired up the music. We also provided the magic mirror photo booth, which was a big hit!

Reception in full effect

At the end of the night everyone wanted more, but being bound by the venue cut-off we had to give a final farewell and future well wishes to the couple.

Venue & Catering: Brier Creek Country Club | DJ: Tu-Can Jamz | Planner: I Do Weddings By Michele | Photographer: Photos By Clay | Videographer: Neuen Films | Makeup: Elaine Harrison Makeup Artistry | Baker: Beryl's Cakes


Firefly's Among Us

This next venue is very intriguing with a host of amenities. The Meadows At Firefly Farm & Preserve hosted an outdoor ceremony AND reception - under sweltering sun and heat - to bring a young couple and their families together. The dining was inside, allowing guests to enjoy eating in less-than-sauna conditions before the doors open up and the songs conjure the crowd onto the dance floor.

Audio set up for the ceremony

Beautifully arranged setting for dinner

We set up directly inside, facing outside, through a roll-up glass door. The couple wanted outdoor dancing, but the venue has a zoning restriction that requires the speakers to remain inside. Limitation is the mother of creativity, so here we go! (Note the fan in the picture below we aimed towards the dance floor. Had a couple of near Marilyn Monroe moments, but no complaints!)

DJ booth ready for the reception

It took for the sun to go down below the trees before the crowd responded to the music, but once they did it was game on for the rest of the evening. One thing every good DJ will do is feel the crowd and respond. Drop a little country, oldies, pop, etc. until you find their groove. I was totally unexpectant of what really got them going - Latin, Salsa, a little Hip-Hop, and a couple of line dances mixed in with EDM/Dance. Things that make you go hmmm....

Needless to say everyone had a great time, we made new friends, and sent yet another couple on their way into the future!

Venue: The Meadows Raleigh | DJ: Tu-Can Jamz | Planner: Southern Skies Events | Catering: Neomonde | Bartending: Staff'd

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