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The Spin - March 2019

Giving Back / Pay It Forward

As professionals and business owners, we're always looking for the next booking, the next gig, or whatever it is that allows us to take another step forward.  At the same time we're attempting to better ourselves personally and assist with community efforts.  Meetings, consultations, planning sessions, dinners, and social events give rise to business opportunity, but there are moments when less means more.  Giving back or paying it forward, however you want to frame it, can be much more rewarding than the next contract signing.  If you or a family member has been directly affected by a debilitating disease, mental illness, natural disaster, or the like, you know how important support channels and monetary contributions can be.  In 2018, Tu-Can Jamz had the opportunity to play a small part in the Tobacco Road Marathon.  If you are not familiar with the TRM, it's a Boston Marathon qualifier that raises funds for JDRF, Hope For The Warriors, the American Red Cross and the Rails to Trails Conservancy as well as Wake County Parks and Recreation.

Runners to and fro along the American Tobacco Trail in route to either the full marathon (26.2) or the half-marathon (13.1)

Teaming up with Allscripts Healthcare, we donated our equipment and services to the mile 2/24 water station.  The marathon started early, so the preparation began well before the sun came up.  As the runners approached, they were greeted with water, Gatorade, and a healthy dose of encouragement!  We were cranking out the music that many of the runners used for a cadence lift (and a few were flat out dance running)!

The Allscripts water station located at mile 2 and mile 24 providing runners with needed hydration and a boost of encouragement

If you don't recall, on this day in 2018 it was below freezing in the morning hours, and as the sun rose the temperature went up slightly, but it was accompanied by a serious wind so it FELT like it went down.  It's been quite a while since I've been that cold!

Bonnie sporting a sign straight out of Lets' Make A Deal

Thousands of runners converged on the triangle on this day with a solid 3-7 hours of running to complete the race.  All entrance fees and proceeds went directly to organizations in need.  Everyone providing support and equipment did so willingly and free of charge.  This is one of the few fundraising events where 100% goes to charity which is one of the reasons we decided to participate.  

Running on our generator, we provided lights to get the Allscripts crew settled and ready to go, and set up an array of speakers along the immediate route to give the runners a beat to pound the pavement by.​

You may be wondering why I'm rehashing a year old event.  Well, it's that time again, and we'll be right there alongside Allscripts as they sponsor the full marathon for 2019.  We'll be supply power, lights, and the beats at miles 2 & 24 to keep them motivated.  I've seen where 3000+ runners from all over the country will be here ready to tackle the American Tobacco Trail on Sunday March 17th, 2019 and we'll be out there doing our part to help them make it to the finish line.  It's all about giving back to the community that puts their trust in Tu-Can Jamz to make their events the best they can be!  We made a short video last year, if you have a few minutes and want to see it from our vantage point (including a healthy dose of drone footage), have a look at this link: 

Up at the crack of dawn to get ready for thousands of runners in need of hydration and motivation

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