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The Spin - September 2020

With 2020 being such a roller coaster it has been difficult to sustain worthy content. I'm not one for a lot of fluff and small talk, so with events being sparsely populated due to covid I find it a little out of place to recap past events, post funny dogs pictures or comment on memes found on the internet. So with that I apologize for 'slacking' on the blog and hope to get back to a degree of normalcy soon.

Necessity - The Mother of Invention

A short time ago, during the 'enlightenment' period of COVID safety protocols, we as many others in the entertainment and events industry implemented ways to contain and minimize the possibility of transmission during gatherings of any size. Aside from masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and whatnot, for a DJ to maintain social distance it makes it difficult to interact with guests while accepting requests and instruction. In today's world of Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and any other platform fed by electronics, it hit me to use this to our advantage. We designed, tested and rolled out a 'touchless & socially distant' request system. Using signage and table cards to direct your camera with a QR code, your cell phone allows you to 'post' a request.

Stand Up Sign and Table Cards

This then displays on-screen in the the DJ booth in the order received. I can't begin to say how helpful it is to have it typed versus scribbled on paper or screamed in my ear. To say it is successful is an understatement. Once guests post their request (which gives the option to add information like 'it's my mother and father's favorite song'), and then they see how responsive the system is, it quickly becomes a hit! Although the concept was purely a means to combat close proximity communications, the longevity will last way beyond the current pandemic and become a staple of our events.

Pandemic Predicament

We started talking with this couple in early March 2020 about their dream wedding, to happen on Independence Day with all the fun and flair it deserved. Originally the ceremony and reception were separated by 25 miles, one in Kinston and the other in Goldsboro respectively. Well we all know what happened in mid-March, and despite holding out to the very last minute the July 4th celebration just wasn't meant to be. It was rescheduled to Labor Day in hopes of the virus receding by that time. While the date held true, the two venues flipped a couple of times creating the need to improvise. Ended up the ceremony and reception took place in Goldsboro with a much reduced guest list. Despite all of this, the couple joined in matrimony and celebrated with those closest to them make it a very special evening.

We provided DJ/MC services, Up lighting, Cake Spot, and Dry Ice First Dance and Grand Exit

Credit must be given to an outstanding vendor team that went through thick and thin with this couple and made it happen!

Vendor Team:

Photography & Videography: Classic Photographers

DJ, Lighting and Special FX: Tu-Can Jamz Mobile Productions

Art & Poetry

We had the pleasure of working with a couple, both college graduates in the arts, that conceived their perfect wedding vows being spoken in a very woodsy and natural setting. The family-owned land was meticulously crafted just for this occasion by the couple, albeit about 1000 ft. away from the closest power source. Our small generator gave us the ability to broadcast a set of heartfelt vows from the couple that made it easy to see they were meant for each other.

The reception followed under a clear-top tent that was decked out with natural elements, and a very unique beverage distribution system.

Once the party started, they didn't let off the gas pedal until the very end! All night dancing, games, speeches, and fun under the lights!

We wish Mr. & Mrs. Rodriguez a long and prosperous future, when you are surrounded by great friends and family it's hard not to.

Vendor Team:

Venue: Private Residence

Planning: Jessika & Daniel

Catering and Libations: Celebration Sidekicks

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