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The Name

I'm often asked how Tu-Can Jamz came about, not the company, but the name.  

What's the story behind the bird?  

It's simple really...

When I moved to Raleigh to attend college I took time off from being a DJ and concentrated on my studies and life as a student.  Anyone that has ever spun the ones & twos will tell you that you can walk away, but it's always in your blood.  Following college, the urge started to burn again so I started having 'ideas', one of which was an identity.  Back in my days of being a club DJ, one of the big cuts of the time was Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two.  

It was one of my pick songs to get the crowd pumped.  The 'it takes two' theme led to the rise of 'two can', morphing into Tu-Can Jamz.  My girlfriend at the time tried to talk me out of the hyphen and use Tucan, but without, I felt the message was lost.  So that's how Tu-Can Jamz came to be.  

It only seemed natural to use the iconic tropical bird as the logo centerpiece, so as they say, the rest is history.