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The Spin - March 2020

I can't speak for you, but I for one am ready to see green erupting with the blooms of spring in full force. While this hasn't been a harsh winter in the south by any means, the winter solstice just isn't as inviting as it's summer counterpart. Now I will preface this with one exception, the dreaded release of pollen. Without it we wouldn't have the stunning foliage that we do, but come on, does it have to appear in truckloads at a time? The all too familiar green-yellow blanket, while fraught with misery, will send us headstrong into 2020 with jaw-dropping beauty upon fulfilling it's duties

Lights, Camera, Action

Weddings make up our highest total of events annually. Mixed in with corporate events, private parties, school proms, charities, and the like we find good use of our time and talents. In between there are times when we step back and become a subject rather than spectator. Such was the case during a styled shoot in Cary at the Chandelier Event Venue. This was the second we participated in over the last year, and the first that we've done with a Latin theme. Invited by Roberta at Creativity Plus planners, this one was full of color and flair. The supporting cast of vendors gave their all in putting together a first-class orchestration of a wedding from beginning to end, and the young ladies and gentlemen in front of the cameras played their parts beautifully. It was the first time using dry ice during a shoot, and a first during the recessional with a stunning result. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. I will give major props to Clay and Dani with Photos By Clay, they have an eye for the darker edge which suited this shoot very well. Kudos to everyone that pulled it off!

Chandelier Event Venue | Creativity Plus Planners | Photos by Clay | Fords Fluent N' Food Catering | Tu-Can Jamz Mobile Productions | Bernard's Formal wear | Petals and Twist | Ambrosia Cake Creations | Ann McKenzie, Joy-Filled Ceremonies | Sunil Kumar Kokkiligadda | Gia Peebles | Debora Baccarelli

Corporate Fun at a Kids Museum

When you think about hosting a corporate event, the first thoughts are a grand ballroom at a ritzy hotel, or an outing on a rooftop establishment where dressing to the nines are appropriate. In this case, the setting was Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh where flashy attire was optional but having fun wasn't. Commandeering an entire museum with lots of food, drinks, dancing and many other activities was on the agenda. Needless to say, the associates of this company had a great time mingling and enjoying each other outside of the daily stress associated with working 9 to 5.

Corporate associates letting loose at Marbles Kids Museum.

Take Two... or Three

We performed at a recent wedding that unfortunately for the bride and groom, was intertwined with several reschedules. No fault of their own, between date and location issues it just didn't seem to be in the cards. This went on for over a year, and then finally the universe and captain chaos stepped aside and allowed these two to come together with family and friends and create the beginning of a journey as one. The ceremony was small and private with only a choice few attending the nuptials, but fast forward to the reception and the crowd got rowdy. We provided uplighting, dance floor lighting, monogram services, and brought out the new booth to keep this party going. As hyped as the guests were, our signaling of the last dance didn't detour them from keeping the party going as they all headed downtown afterwards.

Turning it out at 1705 East

In conclusion, I expect great things in 2020. Not just for Tu-Can Jamz, but each and every client we assist in creating memories, and every vendor we collaborate with to bring dreams to light. Team work, honesty, and a fueled desire to succeed is on the agenda for this year and beyond. Hopefully we'll cross paths, learn a little, play a little, and grow a little. Be sure to look us up if you are need of top-shelf DJ, MC, lighting and photo booth services!

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