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The Spin - May 2019

April Knots bring May Thoughts

April continued to be a month of extraordinary weddings; youth and vibrancy was on full display in downtown Raleigh, first at Melrose Knitting Mill and then Traine. Have I mentioned how much I love this gig?

Melrose Knitting Mill is a historic building, built in 1900 and flourished as a textile manufacturing operation up to when Black Tuesday hit... then it all changed as the great depression forced closure. Fast forward through time and a couple of owners up to 2014 when an event venue took form on the top floor. With 'Industrial Chic' taking it's place as one of the hottest sought after spaces, it quickly became a favorite for 'tying the knot'.

Melrose Knitting Mill in downtown Raleigh

Earlier in April we had the honor of performing at the Kauffman-Kushner wedding in this space. The raw ceilings, time-worn brick walls, and original flooring lent a very warm and inviting vibe to their celebration.

The Ceremony space on top floor

Our part was to remain incognito while providing audio support from behind the curtain.

Once the ceremony was wrapped up, guest traveled downstairs to enjoy a beautiful indoor/outdoor social hour while the room was flipped. Mulino Italian Kitchen & Bar and the event venue are owned by the same, and share space during weddings. Below is the outdoor patio space where guests can mingle and enjoy.

The Patio on ground level

When the room was ready and the guests were invited back up top, the festivities began. In full flair with lighting on tap, the crowd energized and the night became electric. Dancing till the end and wanting more, I'm fairly certain the celebration continued elsewhere after we reached the last song.

In the end, two became one, new friendships were forged, and futures were set in motion. The bride in her stunning dress, the groom dressed to the nines, and a supporting cast that wouldn't let this happen without a healthy dose of fanfare! Dilly Dilly!


Built in the early 1900's, the building now known as Traine - A Wedding and Special Event Venue was part of a railroad operation. Heavy timber wood beams and trusses, thick brick walls, and modern touches brings this quaint venue to life as a contemporary host for most any need. We were hired to play here well over a year ago in planning for a wedding between two individuals that essentially grew up together. You hear stories about this sort of thing but it's a little rare to experience a union that has history dating back to childhood. For them, it couldn't have worked out any better.

Traine at Historic Seaboard Station

The wedding started over at Fred Fletcher Park for the outdoor Ceremony, using the Borden Building for staging. The ceremony site was very simplistic, lending to a purity that suited the couple well.

The officiant was a friend of the family, and relayed experiences and knowledge of the couple in a very heartwarming fashion. These two deserved to be together.

With the vows having been made, and the newlyweds off for pictures, we headed back over to Traine to receive guests and get the party started.

Getting ready to bring the bridal party in!

It wasn't hard AT ALL to get this crowd on the dance floor. Heck, they even danced to the laid back dinner music! That's when I knew this was going to be fun!

Dancing, more dancing, and never stop dancing! All night long the guests and the couple were out moving to the beat, mixing it up across the entire music spectrum with hand-picked selections by the couple.

The ovations at night's end by all those remaining on the dance floor to the very end made me all warm inside. Knowing we played a small part in making a young couple's special day extraordinaire is icing on the cake. Best of luck, prosperity, and happiness to the Mouw newlyweds, you guys are alright in my book!

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