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The Spin - October 2019

It's that time again, temperatures recede, leaves fall, and the ever present mother nature bestows upon us for a brief period, a changing of the guard. At least that's what is supposed to happen, but I think mother nature left the oven door open. 90's at the end of September just isn't right. We were fortunate to only have one wedding where all activities occurred outside, but several with baked ceremonies and socials. Regardless of the heat the show must go on.

Celebrating Club Style

We traveled over to the NC State University Club for an afternoon social and reception with the ceremony being held at a local church. The guest list was large enough to require two of the banquet rooms, which join through double doors creating an 'L' shaped space. To ensure everyone could hear and enjoy the festivities we set up remote wireless speakers in the secondary space.

Having fun at the NC State University Club

We provided reception sound, dance floor lighting and uplighting for a very lively afternoon and evening. It's what we didn't provide that captured quite a bit of attention, and that is a medieval sword that was used to cut the cake. I have to say that was a first for us, but the couple wielded the iron quite well so I have to believe this wasn't their first. That buttercream didn't stand a chance.

Redefined Courage

A few months ago I was browsing Facebook and from one of the groups I follow was a post about a non-profit organization that help women during breast cancer treatments. I inquired more about what they do and found they provide purpose-made clothing with interior pockets made to hold and conceal post-op drains. The FB post was seeking volunteers and sponsors to help with their very first fundraising gala, so I immediately offered our services to such a great cause. Fast forward a few months and the gala takes place and is a huge success!

Redefined Courage 1st Annual Gala

In the course of just a few years, Redefined Courage has expanded internationally to help those far and wide, and to hear Nikki and her husband Gerrod talk about how it started and their ongoing mission to help others was inspiring. The Gala included models, all of which were survivors or still going through treatments, and each adorned one of the designs of clothing being offered to women. We've already signed up for #2 in 2020!

Dancing On A Cloud

Ok, so you hear about floating on a cloud, or being on cloud 9, all of which is a mystical reference to feeling extraordinary. Well we had the opportunity to symbolize such a reference at a recent wedding at Childress Vineyards in Lexington, NC. Months before the wedding, the couple engaged in learning a Viennese waltz, set to 'Once Upon A December' from the 'Anastasia' soundtrack performed by Liz Calloway. Knowing the importance of the first bar when it comes to choreography, we made sure to cue the music proper for an unforgettable first dance.

Emily & Andrew's First Dance

Witnessing the 'ahhs' and 'ohhs' from the guests, it's safe to say the couple achieved their goal of creating a magical moment.

If you are wondering how we sustain an indoor cloud, dropping 20 lbs of dry ice into near boiling water will do it. Keep in mind that we use professional equipment and safety precautions made to handle such a reaction, but failure to do so could very likely result in severe skin burns from both the ice and the water, so don't do this at home! If you want to see the gig log that includes the full first dance, click over to YouTube and check it out:

Pond Side Matrimony

Remember earlier when I talked about the heat and an all outdoor wedding? This is the one. We arrive and it's 87 degrees, the bugs are having a field day, and there is very little breeze. Enough to make you want to take a dive in the pond, huh? Despite all this, we managed to get everything set up and ready to roll.

Residence on Holt Pond in Princeton

Once the sun went down, the temperatures reached a pleasant level, and most of the bugs went home, the party kicked up a notch and kept on going. This crowd was a fun one, making it easy to work the microphone and mix the music.

I really can't put a finger on why, but outdoor weddings - particularly outdoor receptions - are nearly always the most fun. Maybe there's more room to let loose and have a good time, who knows, but all the guests at this one left with a little boogie in their step. Kudos to Ashley & Scotty, you guys rock!

NICU Reunion

Every year the Alamance Regional Medical Center puts on a reunion for parents and children that have spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit. Those of you that know Bonnie, aka my other half, may also know she is a nurse in this unit. So as a gesture of good will we donated photo booth services to this year's event. It's pretty cool seeing kids growing up that at one time could have been held in the palm of your hand. They all seemed to have a great time with bounce houses, ice cream, and of course the magic mirror.

2019 Alamance Regional Medical Center NICU Reunion

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